Our Commitment

We are passionate about the job we do.

We care about you, our customer.

We care about ourselves, and our reputation.

We are honest, insisting on integrity with ourselves and our workforce.

  • This is shown by customers who are prepared for us to be in their homes without supervision.
  • Each job is documented from start to finish, in plain English, so as to leave no ambiguity.
  • All our work is done in accordance with Building Regulation Approval.
  • We always obtain a Completion Certificate from your local authority.
  • All our work is covered by a transferrable 10 year guarantee.

We demand from ourselves that each job be built right. This may take a little extra in time, but gives you a finished work that doesn’t need coming back to.

We are committed to leaving you a loft we are both proud of.

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We provide you with a complete service. From design work to full completion, this includes getting local authority approval for the drawings, through to building and even laying a quality floor.

Bedroom? Bathroom? Office? Play room?

How a loft is designed and finished is all-important. You want it to look good and to look right, as if its part of the original house.

From start to finish we are interested in your ideas on design, right through to the choice of finishes.

Loft conversions built with care – Guaranteed!

Whatever the stage of construction, be it structural or decorative, we persue quality at all times.

A 10-year guarantee on our work is given, which ensures that the work we carry out and the products we use are of a high standard.

To provide further peace of mind we can also offer complimentary 10 year warranties.

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A quality of service you can rely on

All our work is done in accordance with Building Regulation Approval.

  • This increases your property’s value.
  • Ensures a future trouble free sale.
  • Gives you peace of mind, by assuring that our work has been done properly through complying with all regulatory procedures.

We offer a full planning service.

For all our clients:

  • We prepare full drawn plans.
  • We provide all Structural Calculations for Building regulation approval.
  • We apply for approvals under Building Regulations (A legal requirement in all building work).
  • We undertake all initial Party Wall documentation.

Specialist services include:

  • Obtaining permissions for homes with existing extensions.
  • TALK TO US FIRST if you are planning to build an extension as well as have a loft conversion. We can save you great disappointment at the planning approval stage.
  • Approvals for Listed Buildings.
  • Approvals for buildings in Conservation Areas.

All relevant work complies with regulations suited to the task. i.e. Gas Safe for plumbing involving gas & NIC EIC for electrical work.

We have our own qualified teams. All our tradesmen hold full CIS status, as they are legally employed.

We offer a JCT Contract (if requested) free of charge. This protects the client by providing a contract that we, the builder, must adhere to. This contract is endorsed by the Clear English campaign and the UK Trades Confederation.

A cowboy builder would run a mile if you were to ask for this contract. We provide this for free.

All our trademen are qualified in the aspects of work we undertake.

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